Maker FAQ

Resources for the Market Day in downtown Minneapolis


The Market will be held on the sidewalk of 2 blocks of Nicollet Avenue:

  • IDS Center (between 7th & 8th Sts.)

  • Gaviidae Common (between 6th & 7th Sts.)

You are assigned a block, but your specific booth location will be determined upon arrival. We will have Makers park and unload in each booth space consecutively based on order of arrival. These 2 blocks are permanently marked for Farmers Market use with lines defining the borders of each booth space. Booth spaces are 10'x10' with some wiggle room on either side. You will set-up facing the sidewalk. You are required to provide your own tent (10'x10' square is recommended, any color) and a minimum of 10 pound weights per tent leg. There will be "Nicollet" chairs randomly dispersed along the sidewalk, which you are free to use if you wish. More photos of previous events can be found on our Facebook page:

Set-Up/Booth Space

We have gotten special permission from Metro Transit for our artists to drive onto Nicollet (normally a bus only street) for unloading and loading. However, there are very specific instructions that we must follow. We are ONLY allowed on Nicollet from 9:30-10:15am and from 2:15-3pm, and cars must not be left alone.

Enter from 7th St. and staff will direct you to a parking space. Gaviidae: on the east side of Nicollet, or IDS: on the west side of Nicollet ONLY. See map. 

IDS NOTE: Because there is a bus stop on this block, you will unload your vehicle on the opposite side of the street as the Market. After you park your car, you will then move your items across the street to your booth location. Consider bringing a cart with to help you move your stuff, and be sure to watch for busses!!

Because it is only a 4-hour long event, consider not bringing your full display. Many makers have found that it works better to streamline their booth for this show.

Be prepared to unload and load your vehicle quickly. Parking on Nicollet is for loading and unloading ONLY. Move your vehicle off Nicollet before doing any setup (including popping up your tent). Do not leave your car parked unattended on Nicollet. It is a bus- and pedestrian-only street, and the busses will continue to run their normal routes. It may get congested, so please be mindful, considerate and patient. 

Tear down note: The city will not allow vehicles on Nicollet after 3:00. Particularly if you are alone and/or have a complex display, this may require you to begin packing up early. We ask that you have everything packed up and ready to go before you move your vehicle back onto Nicollet. Please print out the flier from your email and place it on your dashboard while unloading and loading on Nicollet.


After unloading your car on Nicollet, you will need to find parking. You can park on the street in a meter (and if you do, we recommend downloading the MPLS Parking app which allows you to "plug your meter" from your device). The cheapest ramps nearby are LaSalle Court Parking (811 LaSalle Ave) or Park & Shop (24 S 8th St). Their rates are: 0-1 hour: $8, 1-2 hours: $10, 2-3 hours: $12, 3-12 hours: $13. There is a parking ramp underground beneath Gaviidae Common that accepts reservations that some artists have had good luck using (and also has a higher vehicle height limit at 6'6"), you can find that information HERE. Note that we'll be too busy during move-in to give directions, so please plan your parking in advance!

Because of the challenges with parking downtown Minneapolis, we recommend traveling with a standard height & length vehicle and not using trailers. If you need to utilize a larger vehicle, please be extra sure to plan your parking in advance (ie check parking ramp height restrictions and measure the height of your vehicle).